Create a course option?

I bought this service with the impression that I could create my own course by uploading Wiki pages and the like. I don’t see any option for importing text links.

Is this not an option?

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And I reached out to “live chat” days ago and haven’t received a response yet.

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for waiting and apologies if we weren’t able assist you via live chat.

You can add/import your texts. Kindly go to “Play” tab and click on the blue highlighted text in the upper right hand corner (as seen in the screenshot below). A pop-up will appear and show you different exercises. Click the +New button to add your own text to type.

Right now, we don’t have the option to create your own course. But you can type your own text using the Typing Lesson or Test Yourself under the Standard Activities (found below the Play Tab).

Hope this help.

Kind Regards,
Arianna - Community Head

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Thanks for your help Arianna!

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