Importing Files

Can I import my own files in Typesy?

Hi! Yes, Typesy’s Advanced Text Management feature lets you import text or exercises from a variety of sources. That means you can make your own typing exercises and then import them into Typesy. The import process is quick and easy and offers another creative way for you to challenge yourself.

The Typesy Team

Hi there,

Typesy Individual and Homeschool both have importation feature.

To add your own text to touch type, kindly go to Play > Click on Blue colored Highlighted Text > Create Exercise. You can either paste the text directly or import a document (e.g. PDF with a limit of 15mb per upload)

Hello there, @surajduke!

Absolutely! I load in my students’ weekly spelling words into the games. It lets my kids practice typing and spelling, and they love it because it feels like game time!

This ability to personalize is also handy in offering some motivation when needed. If you’re tiring of the lessons, it can be fun to switch it up and type along to lyrics from your favorite song or something similar. The opportunities are endless.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)