Change to Homeschool

My two girls really need to get their keyboarding skills sorted out. I myself too. I purchased the individual version but looking to upgrade for the Homeschool account.Which would you recommend for the three of us to get stuck in to it together?

Hi Esme,

The homeschool program provides more feature that might interest you and your girls
Also, the admin accounts also has access to the courses

Best Regards,
Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hello, @esmechapman!

The Typesy program is so engaging that you should have no problem getting into it with your daughters. Whenever my students seem to be getting bored, I just allow time for Typesy typing games. It breaks up the lessons without sacrificing practice time.

That being said, I absolutely suggest the Homeschool version for the admin feature alone! You will have so much data - you’ll get to see exactly where your daughters are thriving and struggling - right down to the exact keys they’re getting stuck on. The admin view is hugely beneficial.

Typesy makes learning so much fun - the three of you will be playing games, working through stories, and you’ll even get to build your own avatars. Be careful, though - your girls may end up having so much fun they forget they’re learning! :joy:

Good luck and have fun!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)