Upgrade My Account to Homeschool Version

Hi, I bought Typesy which is good for 5 users but now, I realized I want the homeschool version. Is there any way to upgrade this?

Okay but let me just inform you that the Homeschool Small Family has 4 user accounts and 2 admin accounts.

Will you still proceed? If yes, you can buy our Homeschool version and we will refund you the Individual version purchase.

Best Regards,
Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

I upgraded my account from individual to Homeschool, and I have the email with the admin code. The problem is that because I have the individual log-in, I cannot enter the new admin code since I don’t have access to any Admin functions. Please advise.

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for waiting!

It seems that your email address is already associated with an Individual version. To upgrade your current account to an admin account, please login using the web application link using a Google Chrome browser:


Copy and paste the activation code of Typesy Homeschool once asked.

Kind Regards,