Abrieviations, how hard they are

Hey again people, since I’m a HUGE noob, I don’t exactly know what abrieve means what, soooooo… can some pro tell me?

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a shortened form of a word or phrase

Do you wanna know what an abbreviation is, or do you wanna know some slang???

Like, LOL, ROFL, LMAO, SU, TTYL, SYS, BTS, and stuff…bc I can try to teach ya’ll. I am learning some myself. But I like to consider myself a master

I know what a abrieviation is, I just don’t understand what different ones mean

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yeah, stuff like that

I can totally help then

nice! Thanks! Glad that u can help!

I will give you some more examples…

But pls also tell me which ones you wish to know

LOL-Laugh out loud
ROFL-Rolling on the floor laughing or Ran out for Lunch
BTS- Be There Soon, or Back To School
SYS-See you Soon
U- you
LMAO- Laughing my A** off (I am not really a fan of this one) LOL
SMH-Shaking My Head
ILY-I love you (though I don’t know why anyone would be using that on this site)
IHY-I Hate You
IDK-I Don’t Know
there is just a list for you guys, I hope that helps, And if you wanna know any in particular just message me. Thanks, and also, one that I use alot
XD- it meas winking eyes and a smile, So like a sideways :wink:
If you get that, it means happy, like a smile, laughing.
the smile is :smiley: which pretty much equals :smiley:

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thanks dudo for fillin me in LOL

IDK why this site won’t let me use the smile one it is basically the colon and a capital D.

@AGM I need you to teach me abreive and slang! I’m horrible! Like, I only use like, K, R, ur, U, I mean, you know me!

Dude I’m never remembering which one is a colon and a period and I can’t remember the rest.

Well, I am at your service. This is Tae-Hyung with you and you can just look above and I typed out alot of slang I could think of already…but if you mean like colons, and periods. I can try those as well…