Why do some people seemed to not recognize the value of touch typing?

Though computers are widely used today, some people are still hesitant to learn touch typing. Well if you don’t often use these devices, it’s fine, but for those who depends their work on it, what is stopping you to learn?


Some students simply do not have an interest in typing, and should not be berated for their different stance or viewpoint. They may be more interested in other subjects, such as science, economics, or a vocation, and may not feel that typing will heavily impact their anticipated career choices.

While it is a good idea, regardless, to learn to type properly, you should avoid undermining or berating your students for choosing a path that may not lead to a career that focuses around typing, especially in a world where texting is much more widely used in day-to-day activities and operations.

Some businesses thrive only on communications carried out from a cell phone, and the founders of those businesses can easily make six-figure salaries or more without ever having to properly type at a computer.

Encourage proper typing without displaying bitterness for the lack of interest or enthusiasm, and some of your students, while perhaps begrudgingly, will surely pick up on your advice.

Best Regards,
Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hello, @connersteward!

I think many people avoid touch typing for the time it would take to transition. When in the process of learning, most people’s typing speed will slow down as they transition out of the method they’re used to and into the touch typing method. Perhaps this hindrance is enough for some people to want to avoid the situation altogether. Another possibility is that people think the learning process will be very difficult and time consuming. However, if you can commit yourself to daily practice, most will find they have vastly improved in only a matter of weeks.