What finger should I use to type number 6 on the keyboard?

I’m having a hard time typing on the numeric keyboard. Can anyone help?


When you first start learning how to touch type, it can be difficult to figure out which finger is supposed to strike which keys. After all, the keys on a standard keyboard do not line up uniformly, and the length of your fingers may alter how well you reach some keys over others.

Using programs like Typesy can absolutely help you to determine which fingers strike which keys. Alternatively, you can look up a color-coded keyboard map online that will give you a clear visualization of which fingers should be striking which keys if you are practicing proper touch typing techniques.

But for the purpose of answering this question, when you want to strike the 6 key on the keyboard row (not on a ten-digit keypad), you should be using the index finger of your right hand.

Best Regards,
Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy