Video game talk

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to play MInecraft. My cousine just got a Nintendo Switch, and Minecraft is on it!!! She lets me play and it’s really cool. But I never get to see her. Only like, maybe TEN DAYS. A YEAR. AT MAX.

It’s s o s a d. :sob:

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Ohh! Minecraft! You should definitely try it… Although, you rarely see each other… :frowning: Anyway! How is everyone doing?


Great bro, it’s cool to see you again.


Nice nice. Any recent games you’ve been playing these days?


I’m lowkey late to the party but I’ve been obsessing over MLB The Show lately it’s such a fun game and yall should definitely try it when you get the chance!

cool! What are you playing these days? I’ve been playing gacha games and stardew valley when I have free time! :smiley:

hello i also like vedo games to!

I haven’t opened my Typsey in a while lol but I got the notification, so lately I’ve been playing MLB The Show and The new Legend of Zelda game. Stardew valley is also fire tho