Typesy EDU versus Consumer Version

What is the difference between the EDU and the consumer version?

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Typesy EDU is only for institutions with more than 5 users needed. Consumer edition gives you access to create up to 5 unique user accounts. Typesy EDU gives teachers complete visibility and easy control. Add students and set up entire classes in just minutes. For the Consumer Version, each user account is unique from each other. You may access the progress of one account by logging in directly.

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Hello, @finnlaywainright!

The core of the program is mostly the same in that the goal is to teach the skill of touch typing. However, the Edu curricula allows teachers to have total control over the program - you’ll get lots of great data, automatic grading, and the ability to sync with many tech programs you may already have in place. If you will be managing a group of typing learners, I would definitely suggest going that route!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)