Touch Typing Importance

What is the most important thing about typing?

The most important thing is to learn proper finger positioning for typing using touch typing. Touch typing involves the specific placements of all eight fingers and both thumbs; once muscle memory is strong enough, this style allows for the typist to focus on the screen rather than the keyboard.

People who type improperly for life have a higher risk of suffering repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Not to mention all the hours they waste being less productive both in school and, later, at work.

Competent keyboarding helps students and professionals to be more productive, more positive about their futures, and more likely to complete their courses or assigned work. Because touch typists look at the text instead of the keyboard while typing, they are often faster and more focused on the writing process than anyone using hunt-and-peck.

Once a student masters the touch typing method, he or she can then focus on increasing speed and accuracy while typing.

The Typesy Team