Some students can't catch up

Should I give minor punishment to students who can’t catch up on the typing lessons?

Kids, and people, do not typically respond well to punishment. It has its place in certain situations, but teaching a young kid how to type generally is not one of them. Positive reinforcement is a better tactic. Games help reinforce what works and what does not, without making the player feel like they did something wrong. In most cases, they can just restart the game and learn immediately how to fix the mistake they made, which is better for long-term learning.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @omardevine!

The development of touch typing skills relies heavily on practice. If a student does not have access to a keyboard or a supportive environment at home, they will likely fall behind their peers who have consistent keyboard use. As teachers, we may never know what invisible baggage our students carry with them every day. I don’t believe punishing a child for something like this would be helpful to anyone. The student is likely already quite aware that they are struggling. To remind them of this and publicly punish them is not likely to get a desirable effect.

I suggest encouraging your students! Remind them that touch typing is a skill that will benefit them for life, so not utilizing their practice time with you should be punishment enough!

I would be more than happy to continue this conversation! I have plenty of ideas for keeping typing fun and successful in the classroom!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)