Real-time Monitoring

What are the purposes of the real-time monitoring tof the students’ activities?

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Hi Reyansh,

Use data to guide your instructional decisions. Since Typesy is a keyboarding software that provides real-time monitoring and easy-to-understand reports, use that information for instructional decisions. Determine when an individual student needs more assistance, and choose from options such as initiating a conversation with the student, having the student repeat a lesson, or sitting next to and practicing a particular skill with the student.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @reyanshcameron!

It is likely that students in your class will be at differing levels of typing proficiency. I personally am grateful for real time monitoring when managing a larger class. There is not always time to assist every student in need, not enough time to give them the attention they require, but a grand overview of my students’ progress allows me to see where I need to focus my attention most, and also allows me to select strong students and pair them up to tutor less proficient typists. Both students benefit from a situation like this, and I can spread my attention more efficiently.

Just one teacher’s opinion!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

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