I want to monitor the performance of my students

How to use the performance monitoring of this program?

Use data to guide your instructional decisions. Since Typesy is a keyboarding software that provides real-time monitoring and easy-to-understand reports, use that information for instructional decisions. Determine when an individual student needs more assistance, and choose from options such as initiating a conversation with the student, having the student repeat a lesson, or sitting next to and practicing a particular skill with the student.

Best Regards,
Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

As a teacher, you will have access to and control over every aspect of your students’ experience from lessons to assignments to assessments. You can use data to monitor class and individual student progress.

That being said, Typesy adapts to each learner, so no student will ever find themselves with lessons too easy or too difficult.

Regards, Kerry