Please shown keyboard corrects as correct strokes


I would like to see corrections when typing. Highlighting mistakes is good, but please change the highlight when I correct my mistakes. I am asking you to change the program to show a correction is highlighted the same as correct key strokes.

For example. If Typsey is asking me to type the following “core”, and I type “cire” then press back space to clear “ire” and type “ore” the highlighted mistake does not update; this should be programmed differently. Please change your software to show corrections on the screen. Currently corrects are not shown and this makes learning more difficult.

I want to have corrections shown because this is realistic.

UPDATE: changed settings and found my request is possible if ‘require correct key’ is turned off. I change my request. Please put this information in your settings. The settings need descriptions. For example requiring correct key stroke is good when starting to learn, but bad when building accuracy at 40+ WPM. Thank you.

Also, could you add a feature that tracks my mistakes, and then lets me practice those key strokes. For example using my index finger on “c” and “b” to “r”. It would be good if your software could monitor repeated mistakes and introduce practicing those strokes.

Also could you add a feature that allows me to uploading text for practice. The random words in your exercises are a little boring.

And please add change your highlighting to show corrections; it is annoying that corrections are not shown!

Thank you.