One hand keyboard help?

I have been touch typing for almost 60 years. Unfortunately, I have Multiple Sclerosis and have recently lost most of the use of my left hand. I want to use a one-handed keyboard because I’m a professional writer and have largelybeen cut off from my whole world since i can’t type. (I’m writing this on my phone with a stylus which is not a good solution because my right hand’s accuracy is notvery good). I could use a programmable gaming keyboard, but I haven’t been able to find a suggested layout for good text typing. Any ideas?

Can you do your typing on your phone, or do you have to use a computer?
And when you type on your phone are you able to use the one-handed keyboard that is on (usually on a phone keyboard)?
I looked for keyboards online and could only find one handed game keyboards that do not have all the keys.
Here is one I found not sure if it would work: programable gaming keyboard one handed - Search
Sorry about the Multiple Sclerosis in you left hand. :frowning_face:

I really need a full screen to see and edit what i write The phone is a very primitive, clunky word processor.

And M.S is an entirerly evil illness. It takes away everything good, over time.

i am rstonger what is M.S