Model 01 keyboard support

I have a Model 01 keyboard ( that I’m trying to relearn typing on. Is there any support for this keyboard layout?

Hi Tom,

Thanks for waiting!

The Model 01 keyboard is still using the QWERTY layout. The keyboard look is made for ergonomic use.

You may read What is Ergonomic Keyboard & How Is It Designed? here:

You may view different ergonomic keyboard here:

Hello, @Tom_Parker-Shemilt!

That is an awfully cool looking keyboard!

As @Arianna said, since the layout is still QWERTY, the Typesy exercises should still work for you just fine. The muscle memory you develop for this particular keyboard may not transfer immediately over to other QWERTY keyboards, but it will not take long for your fingers to adjust if you have mastery on touch typing.

Hope that helps!

Typesy Team