Keyboard pc verses laptop

I was wondering is a pc qwerty keyboard better to use than a laptop. I’m using a laptop but I’m trying to get my word count up to 70, the most I can do is 65. Is there any differences between the two keyboards, my laptop is qwerty.


Hi Star - this is really a great question!

I, for one, uses external pc qwerty keyboard at work and a laptop at home.The main difference would be the size (pc is bigger, laptop is more slender), the feels (pc keyboard tend to have bigger keys, laptop has smaller ones), and the key positioning (there are no numeric value in the main typing keypad for laptop).

This is “almost” how my keyboard looks like:


While my work laptop is a bit small (11-inch Acer Spin)

I can adjust but there is a great difference with my typing skills on both accessories.