Just wanted to say, really impressed

Hi, I wanted to take a moment to feedback to the developers and designers. The usability of the software, and website, including the forum, is gorgeous.

The software interface is really well thought out, looks clean, and I love that you have the choice of using the app or going straight to the website. Almost everything is a pleasure to use. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort have been put into all of this. I came to the forums to post about a bug (a content bug, not a software bug) - I’m not sure whether the forum is custom made or off-the-shelf, but it’s also fantastic. I added a video link to my bug report and it embedded the video gracefully; editing is easy and intuitive, the preview box is handy and everything looks clean. I love many of the features like the post-interaction avatars. Great job.


Thank you so much, Lounger :slight_smile:

We use your feedback to refine our classes and constantly improve. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal! Please rate your experience and leave us a review here

I have also submitted your bug report so that our developers can check and squash the bug.

Best Regards,
Arianna - Typesy Moderator