Is it necessary to type fast?

I don’t think you kneed to be able to type fast, but it is a good thing to know how to do. If you know how to type the right way, then I don’t think you are required to know how.

In order to succeed in school and eventually at work, people need solid keyboarding skills to produce written material quickly and proficiently; to complete computerized assessments; to productively write emails and reports, and to use in other real-world situations…so yes, it is good to know how to type correctly and quickly!

You are right to focus on your hand position while typing (typing the right way) and then on your accuracy (typing all the words correctly). As you become very comfortable with the hand positioning and your accuracy improves, you can focus on increasing your speed (or the number of words you type per minute).

Keep at it!

The Typesy Team

Do you have to send me emails? (Not to be rude) but it is a bit annoying.

~Maria Tulipana

I’m sorry that was rude… I hope you forgive me! I was just a little mad that day because I had so many E-mails. So, I am sorry for being rude.