Is it advisable to conduct a typing competition in a class?

Is competition advisable?


After students have mastered technique basics, motivate them with carefully constructed competitions against themselves, in groups, or between classrooms. Stick with low- or no-stakes competition, designed for learning and fun. If you give prizes, make them things that the whole class can enjoy, like a poster on the wall saying their class won the last typing challenge.

The Typesy Team


Competitions can be a great way to motivate students and incentivize good work. However, be careful to construct competitions that will not have the opposite affect - try to avoid pitting students against each other or running activities that will designate someone a “loser.”

The good news is you still have plenty of options to mix up your typing lessons! Consider hosting competitions for highest WPM or accuracy, allow your most advanced students to tutor less experienced classmates, or challenge your adept typists by blindfolding them or covering the letters on their keyboard.

You can also have students set personal goals - they will then effectively be competing against themselves to beat past scores!

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