What should I do next if I already masted the basic level?

My students already mastered the basic level, what to do next?

After students have mastered technique basics, motivate them with carefully constructed competitions against themselves, in groups, or between classrooms. Stick with low- or no-stakes competition, designed for learning and fun. If you give prizes, make them things that the whole class can enjoy, like a poster on the wall saying their class won the last typing challenge.

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Congratulations to your students!

Remind your students that the measure of a proficient typist does not rely solely on the speed of their typing. There are many ways of illustrating the importance of this fact for your students who may be focused on being the fastest typist in class. Consider imparting rules for calculating typing proficiency. In times past, when typewriter typists were tested on their ability, their WPM score was reduced by 10 for every mistake made within a minute long test. So a speedy typist may clock in at 50 WPM but make 3 mistakes, dragging their overall score down to 20 WPM. Establishing rules such as these in class will entice your more ambitious students to take their time, thus ensuring good typing practice habits. Of course, you can always mix it up, too! Challenge your students by blindfolding them or covering the letters on their keyboards. Keep it fun and keep it up!

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