Interactive learning in keyboarding

Do you have any idea how to conduct an interactive learning in keyboarding?


As a teacher, you should continue to structure opportunities with no-judgement, noncompetitive peer sharing, support, and tutoring. Also, regularly have class discussions where students can talk about the proper keyboarding techniques they’re learning and can ask questions about the process.

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Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hi, @pedrojoseph!

The great thing about Typesy is that the program does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to teacher preparation of lessons. Through the program, students will be engaged through a variety of gamified lessons in which they earn rewards, up their game status, and work towards custom goals. Students build their own avatars and practice typing through fun, interactive lessons. Additionally, Typesy adapts to each learner, so no student will ever find themselves with lessons too easy or too difficult. With such motivating systems already place, you as the teacher do not need to worry about creating interactive lessons.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)