Integrating other content in the practice

Hi, can I integrate other content in the program when used for classroom learning?


Yes. Our transdisciplinary grade specific content will allow you to tackle Social Studies, Science, Math and ELA content while your students learn to type.

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Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hello, @joanball!

Typesy has plenty of way to integrate content. As an administrator, you have the ability to load the content you want your students working with. Typesy also integrates with Google Classroom, Clever, and Classlink for a seamless integration of programs you already have in place. For those without an existing program, Typesy allows for CSV imports or manual entry of student data.

Typing skills can be enforced in stand alone activities or by adding keyboarding into core curricula already in place. Any assignment involving the use of computers can easily serve as a chance to review and reinforce good typing habits. In the English Language Arts, typing also helps to strengthen spelling and writing skills. Typesy has over 2,500 common-core standards-based lessons, so your students will be learning to type while engaging in fun, differentiated lessons in all of the core subject areas.

Hope that helps!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)