How to increase typing speed after years of practice?

Hi users!

I’ve been trying to type for a few years hundreds of hours plus using Typesy and seem to be stalled at 40 wpm at 95% accuracy! I’m envious of those who can make dramatic improvements in just a few weeks! Wondering if greater speeds are just not possible for some or if I have some sort of dyslexia…?

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I’d say just keep practicing. I’ve struggled some to gain speed and accuracy too. There are naturally some people who are gifted and some who aren’t. That’s just life.:upside_down_face:

Yes, that’s my conclusion too, although it’s hard to accept how slow my progress has been - but the expectation of improvement can be high from others who are gifted. It’s obvious that the younger amongst us have it much easier to learn!

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Right! You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Unless the old dog is willing to learn. And even if it is willing to learn, it might not be very fast. Or it seems like it in my case. :grinning: