Homeschool Inquiry

I am a bit unsure about the difference between individual package and the home school package. Do they offer the same features? The individual package is cheaper but I don’t know if homeschool is better for my 2 children.

Hi there!

There are 2 major differences between Homeschool and Individual versions

  1. Admin feature - this features allows you as the parent-teacher to monitor progress of your children without the need of logging in to their account. You will also have the ability to enable or disable features and sections through the admin page. You can create tests and assignments for them which is not available in Individual version

  2. Curriculum - Individual version has 2 curriculum - Interactive and Professional. While Homeschool has Kids curriculum that is best suited for children and in the future, more curriculums will be added to the Homeschool version

@nataliemackay - if you are wanting to monitor your children’s progress and track their lessons, the Homeschool package would certainly be more suited to your needs.