Having trouble using Typesy

I am stuck at 40 WPM. Please advice how to improve.

Hi! Typesy is a software that you can use as little or as often as you like. Therefore there is no set time you need to complete a course. For good results, we recommend at least 15 minutes per day for at least 2 weeks. This should be enough to see a large improvement for most people.

We suggest you spend the time and faithfully perform each lesson found in the “Courses” module. You may start with the “Beginner Course”. After you have completed the lessons and you did not see any significant result, you can always start again by clearing your progress. Otherwise, you can advance to “Build Accuracy” course.

Every person’s learning ability is different. If you find that consuming more than one lesson per day still allows you to progress at a good rate then feel free to continue. If not, you can always go back to learning one lesson per day.

You may want to check out our typing blog site for more tips:

The Typesy Team