(Guide #9 for Homeschool and School) Class Settings

Hi Everyone! In this guide, I’ll be giving a tour on our new Settings tab that can be found inside your classes. This can be helpful to fully customize how your class works.

To get there, click on this blue link: Typesy and click on the name of your class.

You will then be moved to the Class Overview Interface. From here, click on Settings.

The default section in Settings is set as General. You’ll notice that each one of the options here will have a toggle button. This is a way for you to turn it ON (BLUE) or OFF (WHITE).

To know more about what each of the options are for, you may hover your mouse on the (?) icon beside it. I’ll put each one’s description here as well, so you can have a better idea on the options available, and what it is for.


  1. Disable skipping ahead: Disallow students fomr skipping through courses.

  2. Disable play section: Hide the Play section. This will force students to focus on the courses.

  3. Disable text creation: Disallow students from creating their own exercise text.

  4. Disable password change: Disallow students from changing their password.

  5. Disable username/name change: Disallow students from changing their username and name.

  6. Hide books: Hide the books from the excercises option.

  7. Public profile allowed: Enable Public profile pages for students.

  8. Hall of fame: Limit the data displayed in the Hall of Fame Section

.(Additional information regarding HoF)

The Global option, when selected will display the global hall of fame data for the weeks. This pertains to the point totals of all Typesy EDU users around the globe. This provides a fun perspective for the students to see where they may rank globally.

The Class option displays the results only within your class. This is the option that would be preferred if you are interested in only putting up a comparison amongst your particular class. This will not post the data from any other classes or other schools.

  1. Allowed Profile picture: Choose and option for the students profile picture

  2. Class wide goals: You can set the Typing Speed Goal for the whole class, as well as the accuracy.

  • [FONT]

  1. Fixed class font: Enforce a fixed font for all students.
  • [TYPING]

  1. Display keyboard: Hide hands and keyboard.

  2. Allow backspace: Allow students to correct mistakes while typing.

  3. Sound: Play beep sound on every wrong key pressed while typing.

  4. Require correct key: Require the correct key to continue after making a mistake. Applicable only on the main typing activity.

  5. Minimum speed: Minimum tyoing speed required to progress in the adaptive learning prompts.

  6. Minimum Accuracy: Minimum typing accuracy required to progress in the adaptive learning prompts.

  • [WORD DISCOVER] (No (?) button yet. Will update this section once it’s available. But basically, you can turn it on/off.)


  1. Disable timer option: This feature can assist students with reading or vision challenges. It disables the timer in the main typing activity, to help the student focus less on speed and time remaining

And there we go! A complete tour of the new Settings tab. Hope this was helpful! Feel free to comment down below if you have any suggestions that I can do next. Have a wonderful day everyone! :partying_face: