Do I need to have a good typing speed to be a freelance writer?

I am doing freelance writing as a side hustle. Do I need to improve my speed to get more clients?

Yes. A strong typing skills can secure you a job as a freelance writer. This is helpful if you are either unable to find full-time work or would like more flexibility in your schedule. A freelance writer is usually asked to work quickly and paid by the project instead of by the hour. As a result, the faster you can type, the sooner you can start a new project.

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Hello, @tarunclevelend!

I like to have touch tying students consider the time saved across an entire lifetime. If you were to hypothesize the time spent typing over a lifetime - especially a writer - you’re sure to be shocked.
Proficient, relatively speedy typing may not seem to be a skill that makes much of a difference every second of every day, but those seconds, minutes, and hours add up over a lifetime. So while I’m not sure it will directly affect your client relationships, you might have time for more of them!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)