Difference between a free and paid typing program

Is there a difference in terms of the process and lessons between a free and paid typing program?


Paid programs have lessons that fit all age groups, where skill assessments designate users to their corresponding levels. Others allow the manual adjustment according to user preference. In most cases, paid software release an assortment of editions that cater to a more inclusive audience while free typing programs lessons are mostly limited to specific audiences, usually for children.

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Hello, @chelseyshah!

As with anything on the internet, you must consider your online privacy. If you find a typing program is free to use, you’re likely paying by offering up your data to the site. Typesy does not allow advertising on the platform, so you can be sure your activity is safe. No unwanted ads will be popping up while you work, and your data is kept secure and private.

And of course, Typesy offers a full refund to anyone who isn’t happy with the product. A company can only afford to do that if the average user is convinced of the product’s worth. When I first read their refund guarantee, I knew it was a sign of a quality program.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)