Difference between free typing app and Typesy

Why should people choose Typesy given that there are some free typing app out there?

Hi Karam!

Free typing app provides limited access, advertisements or just a typing test.
Typesy does not limit your access - you will get all the exercises, training, games and learning you need to properly teach you how to touch type.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hi there, @karamjohn!

That’s a really great question, but remember - there’s a reason those free programs are free!

In terms of the quality of curricula, free programs just do not measure up. With enough time, patience, and dedication, I’m sure you could develop mastery using the free option, but I’m positive the experience will be faster, more successful, and more fun with Typesy.

You should also consider your safety on the internet. Typesy does not allow advertising on the platform, so you can be sure no unwanted ads will be popping up while you work. Typesy also commits to keeping you data secure and private.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)