Cool Animals!🐻!

So, like post your favorite animal in here…ok?
Yeah, I do NOT talk like that! Haha! I’ll check back soon!

Mine is a Dog! To be sasifect its a Malamute :dog: :dog: :dog:

Dude I like dragons! :dragon_face: :dragon: :dragon:

Nice! Cool animals! Why do you like them? :dragon_face: :dragon: :dragon_face:

I like them bc they are huge and awesome, and they really have a prescence in myths that I like. They are also really cool in drawings I have seen.

Why do you like Malamutes?

I have a malamute! And they are so big!

Really?? that is super cool. What is it’s name?

Her name is Anna Pollywog

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That is cute! LOL. That eplains why malamutes are your favourite animal…

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My favorite animal is a red tailed panda !!!
Soooooooo cute :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


They are quite cute dude!


WOW! NICe!!!

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Thanks …
There soooo cute !!!

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