Can you recommend the best website or program for learning how to touch type?

Can anyone recommend an app or a software that is very helpful in learning how to touch type?


If you want to increase your typing speed and accuracy, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time learning to touch type. There are many software programs that you can download so that you can learn to touch type properly. Some options are more popular than others, but they’ll all be helping you to achieve the same goals.

A wildly popular program is Typesy, which is suitable for both beginners who are new to touch typing and to skilled typists who want a controlled way of monitoring their practice and improvements over time.

Another program is Rapid Typing, which is a Windows-based software that’s available for use on Windows operating systems from XP to 10, on 32- or 64-bit computers as well as a convenient portable version. If you want an aesthetically-appealing touch typing software with the coolest game mode, Tux Typing might be for you. Additionally, it’s available for cross-platform use on Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD.

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Hello @kellywyatt!

Check out Typesy’s refund guarantee - that should tell you just how effective Typesy is! With Typesy, since each lesson is customized to its learner, the length of time needed for mastery varies. Typesy is designed to monitor your progress and adapt to your skill level, ensuring you are progressing at a speed most effective for you.

The key to learning typing is consistent practice. If practiced consistently on a daily basis, typing skills are bound to improve dramatically in a matter of weeks. If you are not seeing marked improvements after this time, you may be using a program that is not working for you.