Avatar Changes and Features

I do not know if this topic has already been brought up, since I have been really busy and not really able to check up on Typsey, but I think that maybe we should be allowed to have animals as avatars?? Comment if you agree :slight_smile:

I am sorry I just noticed someone else on the topic of animals as avatars and I loved her idea better!! Their own land is a genuis!!

Maybe even more than diamond level if that is possible. Because me and some friends have been in diamond level for a while and there does not seem to be anything after . Though is there? I love the world idea again and would love if that would be made possible. And maybe then we could also like maybe play as the animals or do something more than just have them sit . I would have alot of fun with that, and so would my friends! Pls comment if you agree :slight_smile:

There is nothing after diamond. Iā€™m at 600,000+ Typesy points and if there was anything after diamond, I would have it.

Me as well. Though I am not aware of the number of points that I have.