Appropriate age for keyboarding.

What age does keyboarding necessary to learn?


By the end of Grade 4, students are supposed to know how to use a keyboard to write and publish one page of text—approximately 250 words—in a single sitting. In later grades, educators expect those skills to grow until by Grade 12 students can type a recommended 50 words a minute at 99% accuracy.

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Hi, @camdensutton!

Practicing good keyboarding skills is good for any age, but it is recommended to start no earlier than age 7 to allow for full development of the motor skills necessary. That being said, the older a typist, the longer they have had to develop bad habits. Younger children will develop muscle memory skills quicker, but the older will be more comfortable with reading and writing, thus more able to spell correctly when typing. It is advisable to first introduce structured keyboarding lessons before the middle school years. That way, learners have developed the literacy and motor function skills needed but have not yet had too much time to develop bad typing habits.

But remember, this just advice! It in no way means those younger than 7 or those older than middle school can’t learn touch typing - with enough patience and practice, anyone of any age can learn to touch type!