80 WPM and 85% Accuracy

So I was able to reach 80 WPM and this is so amazing but then I have some issues with the accuracy and been wondering if this is good enough?


Yes of course. That is an awesome speed, but you should aim for a 100% accuracy because regardless of how fast you are, one mistake could ruin the entire output.

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Arella Bernales
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Hi there, @maisierowland!

First of all, congratulations on reaching such a milestone! :tada:
That’s an impressive number!

I am often in a similar predicament to you - I enjoy typing as quickly as I am possibly able, but I do find this means I spend a good chunk of time revising to correct mistakes from lack of accuracy.

An average typist should be maintaining an accuracy rate around 92%. To improve on accuracy, slow your typing to focus more on typing correctly rather than quickly. As the amount of mistakes lowers, only then should you be pushing for a higher WPM.

In times past, when typewriter typists were tested on their ability, their WPM score was reduced by 10 for every mistake made within a minute long test. So a speedy typist may clock in at 50 WPM but make 3 mistakes, dragging their overall score down to 20 WPM. By that metric, your WPM would be significantly lower! This is just a fun fact I like to share with my students when the speedier typists are getting a little too confident :sweat_smile:

Hope this is helpful!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)