What is classic curriculum?

Please explain the purpose of this curriculum option.

Hi Zhane,

The classic curriculum teaches the basics of how to touch type. Starting with correct finger placement and technique and then progressing to speed and accuracy, the classic curriculum is ideal for the professional who wants to type fast, the correct way.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @zhanerobles!

I think you’ll find the classic curriculum is similar to what you would expect from traditional typing drill books. The interactive and adaptable nature of the program means it is so much better than traditional teaching, but I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Alternately, there’s options like the interactive curriculum. That one utilizes videos, stories, and games, and feels a lot more like a video game than a typing lesson.

Totally up to you and your learning style on which you think would be a better option for you.
Good luck with whatever you choose!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)