Refund guarantee purpose

Why do you offer refund guarantee? Are you somewhat hesitant about the effectiveness of your program?

Hi! No, we are even confident about our program. Companies who create good typing software that’s been proven to be effective will offer a money-back guarantee or some other reassurance of quality to the buyer. The software will let the user track their progress and goals to keep them on track. Most importantly, good typing software teaches the whole spectrum that is keyboarding: not just typing accuracy but also ergonomics, typing techniques, and speed.

The Typesy Team

Hello, @leandrobender!

Funny - I inferred the complete opposite from Typesy’s refund guarantee! A company can only afford to offer that if the average user is convinced of the product’s worth. Otherwise, if that majority of users opted for a refund, the company would never make money! When I first read their refund guarantee, I knew it was a sign of a quality program.

If you navigate over to the main Typesy website, you’ll be able to see examples and screen grabs from each of the types of curricula. There are also videos on YouTube should you want to see the program in action. I personally feel the program is more than effective!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

The refund only applies to old version of Typesy, not the VIP one.

Before, Typesy was not offering the 7-day free trial. Thus, we provide a 12-month refund guarantee.

Since the subscription has started, we are now offering a 7-day trial with cancel anytime guarantee :slight_smile: