Possible danger of using 2 fingers when typing.

Can typing using 2 fingers result to injuries or muscle tension?

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Depending on how much typing you do, you could be facing more serious injuries by typing with only one or two fingers. The same amount of typing spread out of two wrists and 10 fingers are going to cause fewer injuries than if you do it all with just two fingers. Repetitive injuries are bound to occur, and you could end up being unable to type while your fingers heal. You also are less likely to incur a neck injury from angling your head down to stare at the keyboard while you type.

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Hi there, @nelsonochoa!

It’s true! It is awfully hard to hunt and peck in a way that is physically sustainable. Hunt and peck typists usually have their wrists angled too harshly for comfortable long term use. You should be holding your wrists in a neutral position, with the thumb running parallel to the forearm, the wrist bending only slightly upwards. This can be a hard position to sustain if you’re constantly having to look at they keys to know which to hit.

If you are aware and careful, you can avoid long term damage, but I’d instead suggest transitioning to touch typing for myriad reasons. Touch typing is definitely more conducive to better posture and positioning.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)