Is typing skill required in STEM?

My child is a STEM student so I bought Typesy to help her.

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Typing has long been a skill that has been taught in schools. But it’s a skill that is an absolute need for students who are in STEM classes. STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) students and those who go into STEM fields will mostly rely on technology and computers. And that means the skill of typing will be needed in order to navigate computers and even type of all kinds of documents. Knowing how to navigate a keyboard is tricky. Especially when you need to do it at fast paces where the room for error will probably be scarce. But rest assured, once a student hones in their skills on touch typing, it will better prepare them for what lies ahead in all STEM-related activities.

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Aidan Bernales
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Agreed! Keyboarding is an important skill for all students, especially those pursuing STEM! As the world continues to rely more heavily on technology, the ability to type has become a necessary skill for any and all entering the 21st-century workforce.

With the ubiquity of personal devices, many students are more than proficient when it comes to typing with their thumbs. This is why it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure our students are developing the correct typing skills. The longer a student goes without formal keyboarding training, the longer they have to build bad habits. Typesy is a perfect way to strengthen keyboarding skills the right way!

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