I am some concerns about the use of keyboard

Why do I keep looking at my keyboard whenever I type?


When you think of hunting and pecking typing, you might not also think of staring at the keyboard. But, most people that type with one or two fingers are staring at the keyboard while they are typing. Unless you are a writer thinking of fiction off the top of your head, most times you are typing, you need to be looking elsewhere. You might be looking at a person talking to you, a second computer monitor with a spreadsheet you are summarizing or making a PowerPoint presentation for your boss. In any case, it is best to free up your eyes from looking at the keyboard.

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If you find yourself with eyes glued to the keyboard, it may be because you are pushing yourself too fast. Touch typing involves muscle memory, so when you have practiced enough, you can type without looking with relative good speed and accuracy. Try slowing down or even going back to practice beginning typing skills. The more familiar you are with your finger positioning, the easier it will be to avoid looking at the keys as you type.

Keep at it!

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