How do you define keyboarding?

What is really the essence of keyboarding?


Keyboarding is a tech skill that everyone has – more or less. What makes a real difference in knowing how to touch type is how good your typing speed and accuracy really are.

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To define the touch typing method specifically might be easier to define than keyboarding in general. At its core, keyboarding is simply the act of pressing keys to type. Touch typing, however, is a little more nuanced.

Touch typing refers to a style of typing that uses a sense of touch rather than sight. Through structured repetition, typists strengthen muscle memory, learning which fingers to use for each key based on hand placement. Using two or three fingers to hunt and peck takes much longer and allows for the development of bad habits. It is much better to keep your hands still and allow for efficient use of all fingers. Touch typing involves the specific placements of all eight fingers and both thumbs; once muscle memory is strong enough, this style allows for the typist to focus on the screen rather than the keyboard.

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