How Do I Get To The Hall Of Fame?

Do you go into the hall of fame when you are done with all the Typesy coerces?

When you finish the courses, you get to celebrate your status as a greatly improved typer. Stick with it, practice regularly, and you will feel a hall of fame kind of pride when you see your typing progress!

Hi there, @Squeezer!

I believe the Typesy Hall of Fame has more to do with the top scorers on Typesy at any given time.

From a search of the website, I landed on this article. It says the following about the Hall of Fame: "The Global option, when selected will display the global hall of fame data for the weeks. This pertains to the point totals of all Typesy EDU users around the globe. This provides a fun perspective for the students to see where they may rank globally."

Ranking top 50 across the entire world is a pretty impressive feat and much deserving of some recognition! Can’t say I’ve personally ever come close!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)