How can I type faster than my current speed of 150 WPM?

I am now at 150 WPM and I wonder if I can still reach 200 WPM because that is realy my main goal.

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That is already an excellent speed, but anyway, you can still aim higher than that because their are some people who can reach 200 WPM. I would recommend using Typesy since it has an in-depth training to guide you in keyboarding.

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Hello, @ralphiebraun!

WOW :open_mouth: That is an impressive WPM. Of course, you can always improve if you really wanted to!

In another thread I shared some fun facts about speed typing - adding them here for fun!

The fastest typist ever recorded was logged in the 1985 Guinness Book of World Records: Mrs. Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon maintained a speed of 150 wpm for 50 min (37,500 key strokes) and her top speed was recorded at 212 wpm. Ironically, Barbara only learned to type after an unsatisfactory grade in typing class prevented her from graduating at the top of her class. Now, while Barbara’s 212 wpm is incredible, she was not using a QWERTY layout, so it’s difficult to know how her speed translates today.

Using another metric, there is Russian typist Michael Shestov. Michael can speak and type in 27 languages, averaging 160 wpm. How can this man type faster in non native languages than most people can in their first? Apparently by practicing over 8 hours every day!

With the variety of keyboards out there, it’s difficult to compare these record holders. That’s why there is now an online competition: The Ultimate Typing Championship. Utilizing the QWERTY keyboard, the current record holder is Sean Wrona, who is recorded to have typed at a top speed of 256 wpm.

@ralphiebraun - it has been a while since you posted. Have you continued practicing? Are you any closer to your goal?

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

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