How can I add users on my account?

I would like to add my sister on my account. I think you said it’s good for 5 users.

To add an additional user, you will have to log out of your current account and use the sign up button.
Enter a different email address and the same activation code.

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Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hello, @conradkavanagh!

It has been a while since you posted - were you able to get your sister an account? I certainly hope so.

The Individual package allows up to five users, so you should absolutely be able to add your sister on to the account with you (under a separate email). Since your activation code is unique and is what you’ll need to add additional users (up to the five), I suggest keeping it somewhere safe!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)

In your “welcome” email from Typesy, click on the Activate Purchase link once again. Type a new email or username for the desired person you’re adding (other posters have said a fake email address is fine if the person doesn’t have one). Reenter your already-chosen password. Click the Upgrade button (or Finish or however the current button is worded). Repeat for all the users being added.

After creating all the accounts desired (see your product description for how many you purchased), to switch between them you must log out, then have the new person login with their email/username you assigned and the password you created.

As a note to the developers, for future versions this seems clunky rather than having an in-app “add user” and then “switch user” function.

Best wishes!