Ergonomic Keyboards ????

What are ergonomic keyboards?

An ergonomic keyboard has been designed for optimum user comfort and performance. It keeps your wrists and hands at a position that feels more natural for your wrists, making it easy to touch type for hours on end without any issue.

If you do not have access to an ergonomic keyboard, there are ways to make sure you’re using a regular keyboard in the most ergonomic way.

Make sure you’re holding your wrists in a neutral position, with the thumb running parallel to the forearm, the wrist bending only slightly upwards. If they feel your wrists hitting the keyboard or desk, reposition. Many detached keyboards have extendable legs, but it actually makes more ergonomic sense to keep keyboards flat against the surface of the desk. Wrist pads may come in handy when it’s time to rest, but their presence may entice you to develop bad posture when typing. Having the keyboard tipped up or having a wrist pad may cause you to angle your wrists too harshly.

If you use a regular keyboard like this, and always practice healthy habits like taking typing breaks and stretching your hands and fingers, you will avoid long-term issues in ways ergonomic keyboard are designed to avoid.

Typesy Team