Does typing in laptops cause muscle stress because of its size?

I bought Typesy and had been practicing on my laptop but I noticed some pain. Is this normal or is it because of the device I am using?

Hi Rylee,

One problem with laptops is that the screen is fixed to the keyboard. If the keyboard’s low enough for comfortable typing, the screen is probably not at the optimal height to keep you in a good posture. Conversely, if you put your laptop high enough that you can see the screen straight ahead, you’re probably typing with your arms and hands elevated, which will also lead to stress. A plug-in or wireless separate keyboard will help eliminate these problems.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hi, @ryleewall!

Before you throw your keyboard out of the window, make sure the device is truly the issue and not you! (Not that you’re an issue… :sweat_smile:) What we’re talking about here might be an issue of ergonomics.

Ergonomics focuses on how best to design a workplace that allows for ultimate safety and efficiency. If you search for “ergonomic keyboard” or “ergonomic desk,” you will be sure to find plenty of products suited to make you more comfortable when typing.

However, if you are not interested in purchasing any additional equipment, there are ways to ensure you are working with what you have in the most comfortable way. Many detached keyboards have extendable legs, but it actually makes more ergonomic sense to keep keyboards flat against the surface of the desk, so using a laptop may actually be better for this. For proper hand placement, the wrist should remain neutral, bent slightly upwards. If you feel your fingers are cramped, the size of your laptop may be an issue, too.

I am no stranger to physical strains from too much typing, but reading up on proper posture and hand positioning has done wonders to reverse years of damage! Before investing lots of money on new devices, it might be worth ensuring you’re doing everything you can to avoid pain!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)