Creating user names for each student

is it possible to go from the ADMIN side and create usernames for students? Since i can’t seem to filter the hall of fame by grade level i would like to create each student a username with their grade level in it so i can manually filter it faster.
any tips appreciated!!

Hi Deana!

To edit a user, first we need to head over to the admin interface: Typesy

From there, click on Users located on the left hand side corner of your screen. Next, click on the first name of the user.

You will be moved to their Student Dashboard. Click on the 3 dots User Menu, and a drop down will appear. Next, Click on Edit.

In the Edit User Menu, you may change/add information such as their first and last name, password, email address, and even the type of user for their account…

I hope this helps! :smiley: