Is 120 a good typing speed for 12-year old?

3 weeks and 4 days yeah

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how long have you done typesy?

Cool , I’ve been doing it for a little under a year … !!

I’m just not very consistent at doing it …

do you have xbox if soo can i join on minecraft if you have it sorry off topic can i create a neither topic

how did you get that smiley so big

Ill make a new topic hold on one sec …

I finished !!!
The topic is called hey
And yes I’m that creative !!!

i got 143 wpm and acc 100% and I’m 11


im 12 and i type consistently 80-150wpm lol

I’m 11 and I once got 156 wpm

I am 11 right now and my typing speed is from 50-60 wpm.

That’s excellent! I’m over 11 and my typing speed isn’t anywhere near there yet! Keep it up! :clap:

I type at 140wpm and im 12

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My highest typing speed is 122.

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Wow! That’s incredible!! :+1: :+1:

Depends. If you mean 120 cpm, then your typing speed is a bit below average. If you mean 120 wpm, then you belong to the 1% of all people on earth that can type that fast. I am 11 years old and i can type about 75 wpm on average. thats about 400 cpm.

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Honestly, there are plenty of good ways one of my favorite is Nitry Type it got me from 80 to 124 in a short amount of time monkeytype is good too

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