How the hell do you cancel subscription!

Cancel my subscription now!! WHY DO YOU MAKE IT SO HARD! this is bad business! I will never do business here again just because you try your best to TRAP someone into a subscription by not making it easy to unsubscribe!!!


Hello, Sherry Gooden
I do not have issues like this because I do not have Exclusive VIP Access. But I do understand frustration. I am here to assist you. Now, I suggest that you maybe change the title wording just a bit (in the spirit of the New Year) and speak a bit more kindly to the people of Typesy Community. For people are not here in this world forever, so try to give them some positive things to remember before they die.
Alice Belle Carr
(The wisest nine year old there is)

I am very sorry that you feel this way and that you are struggling with cancelling your account. Believe me, it was not intentionally created to be hard. Cancellation goes into effect at the end of your current trial or pre-paid period. You and any members will have full access until then. We do not refund dues already paid. Once effective, you and any members will no longer have access to your account.
It also all depends on what kind of account you have. If you have an individual account and or a business account?

For Business:

  1. Login to your MANAGER account.
    2.Click on “Account”
  2. Then click “Cancel Account”

To reactivate, simply press the reactivate that will appear for you.

How to cancel Individual accounts

1.Login to your Member account.

2.Click on your name and then go to ’ **[Subscription]

3.** Click ’ Cancel account '.

I don’t think you really wish to reactivate. :frowning:

I hope that this helps.

A. Jung Kim

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Thank you for sharing this knowledge base post, Jaimini! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you! The page was needing this, and I’m sure that @sherry_gooden has improved her situation and has a much better opinion about typesy now. And you helped! Also, welcome back, @Arianna! We really haven’t seen you much lately.