Does anyone here play among us?

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i do it is the best game ever besides minecraft

I’m still getting used to it… practicing on my imposter skills

question, do u have spotify?

no i do not but i can get it

ok, just asking, I just had a song suggestion

but can get it on my tv

Oh, cool!!! Nice!!!

and got spotify on my tv

ok cool, the song is a among us song, called imposter by ihascupquake

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that is also on youtube

oh yeah! Sometimes I forget utube existed

thats funny are you a youtuber

Nope, not at all, I’m not a tic taker either

ok im just looking for new youtubers to watch

have you ever watched prestonplayz or mrbeast

No, is that u? What type of utube game or?

no prestonplayz is 24 and im well 8 i wish

oh! I’m 9! That cool, I only watch 2 utubers

who are they i watch the 2 i said and stampy